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  • Thousands of levels
  • Dozens of ship types
  • Dozens of ship enhancements
  • Dozens of powerups
  • The universes are nearing their end. The remaining life forms have trancended their physical beings into pure energies which span many dimensions. The driving force of these life forms is simply to collect more energy to survive and grow. Matter is easily converted into energy, but the last stars are dying out, black holes are evaporating, and the universes are expanding to be so thin that the cost of retrieving matter often outweighs the return.

    Phase 1

    Phase 1 of Bloong will be a player verus environment (PVE) game. Players of Bloong will need to use their energy to develop technologies and power them to retrive matter. This will continue until all of the matter in the universes is converted into energy. It will require logic, skill, and lots of luck to traverse thousands of game levels. Tournaments and other special events will earn players extra energy and otherwise unobtainable rewards. Players will be able to form alliances to gain energy bonuses and play team tournaments. In Phase 1, bonus energy will be awarded on a daily basis. This phase could last 2-3 years.

    Phase 2

    Phase 2 will be a player versus player (PVP) game. It begins when all matter in the universe has been absorbed and only living energy exists. Alliances will crumble as life forms will have no choice but to consume each other until only the strongest one survives. The player controlling the final species will be declared the winner. In this phase, players will create their own levels to defend their energy caches. Live multiplayer battles over the remains of the dead will keep species alive... for a short time. Simply existing will drain energy on a daily basis, forcing specices to become one with the empty voids.

    Perhaps the final life form will collapse itself into a singularity and everything will begin again. Only time will tell.